Infant/ Toddler Care:
The Center will provide homemade, very healthy snacks for the infants that are eating solid foods, consisting of morning snack and two snacks in the afternoon.  The Infant food is provided by the parent in a Hot or Cold Thermos ready to be served (we will not warm the food).  They should bring a separate sippy cup or a bottle for water and milk.  The bottles and containers should be labeled with the Infant’s name.  The parents should provide a list of the daily food schedule for infants on breast milk or formula.


Pre-School/ Kindergarten:
We provide morning and 2 mid-afternoon snacks.  Children must bring their own lunches in a Hot or Cold Thermos ready to be served (we will not warm the food).  Parents should include food that the Child will eat, with an emphasis on good nutrition.  We are encouraging the children to have good eating habits, so no cakes, cookies, or candies please.  The school refrigerator has limited space, so to ensure the freshness of your Child’s food, please include an ice-pack in his/her lunchbox, and a spoon if one is required.  We celebrate birthdays during snack periods.  Please help your Child select something simple to serve and healthful for all.  Please also let us know of any allergies your Child may have, particularly to food.  Water is provided by the school, however please send the sippy cup or the bottle FULL of water every morning.  Due to nut allergies, please no nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc.) to school.  WE ARE A NUTS FREE ZONE.